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When trying to establish parental rights, it is important that you have the proper representation. There are tests that may be required or recommended to prove paternity in order to establish the parent – child relationship. These tests are needed to determine visitation, child custody, and child support.  

If there is no father on the birth certificate, you should file an original petition to establish paternity.  If both parents are listed, you can file a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship paperwork.

Father with his Son



It is important and advised to always request a paternity test because there are limited opportunities to contest paternity once you have established the parent – child relationship in Texas. This means that if you miss the opportunity, you may not able to go back and revisit the subject and contest your paternity.

If you are fighting a paternity case or want to establish paternity, give our office a call today. We specialize in helping you file the correct paperwork. Once paternity is confirmed, we can move forward and fight for your rights.

“Ms. Goodbread has been the best attorney I have dealt with in a long time. She knows the law and fought hard for me. She won my case for divorce and got most of what I wanted. She has been there whenever I have needed her services and help. I can’t recommend her enough! Also, if she can’t help you directly she will refer you to the right attorney for your type of case.”             —Anonymous

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