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When you come into our law firm, we will provide you with the legal advice you need in your stepparent adoption case. We have experience in many areas of family law including the adoption of children by stepparents.

It is important to make sure that you meet all of the qualifications necessary and that both parties are seeking the same outcome. If you are not sure what to expect, we can walk you through the process and explain everything to you.

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A stepparent adoption can occur when the parental rights from a biological parent have been terminated or the parent is deceased, and the stepparent wants to adopt the child. The most common situation is a stepfather adopting after the biological father’s rights are terminated.

The process requires a criminal background check and social study be performed by the adopting parent before the court grants the approval. Once an adoption is granted, you can change the child’s name on the birth certificate and the name of the father.

“Ms. Goodbread went above and beyond in helping us gain custody and ultimately, adoption of two of our grandchildren. She was available when we needed her – either in person or by phone, and she went to great lengths to help us through each step of managing conservatorship and ultimately adoption. She was at all times courteous, professional and clearly explained each step we had to take. I would recommend her highly to anyone seeking a lawyer to help them through any legal process.”           —Linda

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